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Must Read! Smartphone Safety For Your Kids |
Posted on: 25th-Oct-2017 at 7:05 pm
Giving your child a smartphone has now become a necessity. It comes in very handy in case of emergencies. smartphone safety for your kids 

It makes you feel more comfortable as a parent to know that your child can reach you at anytime. Even with all the benefits, there are certain attendant distractions that a smartphone brings. Your child might be easily distracted while crossing the road or driving due to smartphone use.

This is why it has become very important to ensure smartphone safety for your kids at all times. smart phone safety for your kids

No unknowns
S3xual predators and cyber bullies are known to send texts with unknown numbers to initiate conversations that would lead to disastrous consequences.

Teach your kids never to reply texts or answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. This would help them avoid entering unhealthy relationships with people who are out to exploit them.

Make it clear that under no circumstances should your child use the phone while attempting to cross a busy street or while driving.

Using a smartphone in these situations puts them at increased risk of accidents. This also applies to when they use machines or any appliance that requires constant monitoring. smartphone safety for your kids 

NO pictures
Sexting is now a very common feature of teenage relationships. S3xual text messages and nude pictures are sent back and forth in relationships.

Remind your teenagers that no matter how exciting it is, once it goes out, it has the capacity to go viral. This can lead to physical and emotional consequences that they are not prepared for.Remind them to avoid compromising situations and suggestive pictures which they would later regret.

Even if their friends make fun of them, tell them to take pride in the fact that they can lead a life without fear because of their wise choices.

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