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If I R!pe You & You Cum, Its Unfair To Call The Police On Me Cause You Enjoyed It – Nigerian Law Student |
Posted on: 13th-Oct-2017 at 7:30 am

According to a Nigerian man who has ‘Law and writer’ clearly written on his Twitter bio, Chukwuemeka Felix, if he r@pes you and you cum, calling the police to get him arrested is unfair. @cw_xilef

See this epic response;

My name: Chika

Oga Chukwuemeka, first, you are not a lawyer. You are an imposter, an impersonator, a hoaxer, a fake, fraud, charlatan, quack, mountebank, bluffer, deluder, exploiter, a rogue and a giant wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Let me define rape for you. It is a sexual assault usually involving forceful penetration done against a person without that person’s consent. It is a felony crime, that is to say, “very serious”. It is usually carried out by means of physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or threat to harm, against a person who is capable and some cases also, a person incapable of giving consent, who is unconscious, who is incapacitated, who is inflicted with intellectual disability or who is below the legal age of consent.

If you are truly a lawyer then you ought to know that it is not about fairness, it is about law breaking, it is about committal of the crime called rape, it is invasion of the body of the raped.

By your post, it is fair also to say that, should a group of 3 HIV carrying ladies kidnap and force you to fuck them, and you venture cum, they thereafter tell you that they possess HIV, that is ‘very fair’ to you, right Mr. Chukwuemeka? – Say yes!


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