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Watch Viral Video: Nigerian Tied To a Pole, Be-aten Mercilessly by Angry Indian M0b |
Posted on: 10th-Oct-2017 at 3:35 pm

A video is making the rounds on social media which depicts a Nigerian tied to a pole, receiving loads of torments from an Indian mob in Delhi. The man, Ahmad, could be heard screaming and begging for his life.

Although the video has generated a ton of outrage and outcry from Nigerians, reports say the events in it had nothing to do with racism.

According to NDTV, Ahmad was caught in the early hours of September 24 trying to rob a house at Malviya Nagar in south Delhi, an area popular with African students.


He fell down the stairs while trying to escape and was caught by vigilant citizens. The police said a wire cutter and dozens of master keys were found in his possession.

A 40-year-old resident of the area, Pawan Kumar, said Ahmad was "tied with ropes and beaten up by residents. He was caught red-handed and had been troubling us for the past two months here." According to him, Ahmad had committed theft in several households in the area.

Reports say the residents of the area weren't sorry for beating Ahmad black and blue, and claim the attack wasn't racist. According to The Hindu, they claim Ahmad had been robbing the area, and produced three videos showing him committing crimes at different times. 

“In one of them, Ahmad can be seen attempting to break into a house. In the other two, he can be seen running around.”

“The videos are of two incidents from around September 15. There have been so many thefts in the area. Once, cash worth ₹15,000 was stolen, another time, ₹2,500 and the other time two laptops were stolen. There are more cases but complaints of these three thefts were given to the police,” said Ravi Kumar, a resident.

After the brutal assault, the Nigerian, who was wounded and unconscious with injuries to his head, face, limbs and back, was arrested by the police and charged before a court which sent him to jail.

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