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BRIGHTEN YOUR SKIN IN Just 2 DAYS - AMAZING NATURAL RECIPE | Ripe Banana & Turmeric + others 16 |
Posted on: 21st-Sep-2017 at 1:45 pm
I love this treatment, this home-made natural ingredients will brighten or lighten your skin in just 2 days. Yes it's as good as that. made with some natural recipe that you can easily reach or buy in a local market, grocery store or you can choose to order them on-line. Its affordable and easy to make. At the end of this video am going to walk you through step by step on how to make this simple yet effective skin brightening treatment

But before that I will mention out the ingredient use in this preparation

I would like to tell you the benefits of all these ingredient to the skin and how important it is in this treatment. at the end of this article i would be giving you direction on how to prepare this wonderful 2 days skin brightening treatment.


Banana contains moisture, potassium, and vitamins E, C.  All these help in promoting a clear glowing and moisturise skin. It’s also clears the skin.

As Skin moisturiser:

Banana is rich in potassium and moisture, it help in hydrating and moisturises dry skin, this will make your skin look soft and supple. If you have a dry skin, with the application of banana to your face as mask. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated. Get a small bowl, mash up a ripe banana with the back of your fork, and apply to your face, avoiding the area around your eye and mouth. Rinse with cold water after 20 minutes.


Bananas is also known as nature’s Botox, that contain super wrinkle fighting nutrients which will help fade age spots and prevent fine lines and also minimize the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Banana is loaded with other wrinkle-busting ingredients.

This sweet fruit can be use gently nourishing your skin, is perfect in ex-foliating and protecting mature and ageing skin. Peel and mash one full banana in a clean boll with the help of your fork or you can also choose to blend it. Apply this to the affected part on your face or body; leave on for about 15 minutes, and wash off.

Lightens dark spots:

It’s helps to soften the edges of the skin and such reduces the appearance of acne scars, shrink tiny moles, clear age spots, and also removes dark spots that make your face look rough and dark. Banana reduces skin blemishes and even out general skin discolourations, mashed banana and chill it inside your refrigerator apply it onto your face. Do this twice a week.

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