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**Laura Ikeji's Husband 'Ogbonna Kanu' Busted Faking It On Instagram |
Posted on: 14th-Jun-2017 at 6:05 pm

Ogbonna Kanu, brother of Nwankwo Kanu and husband to Laura Ikeji has been caught faking it for the gram. 
Few days ago, Ogbonna shared a photo of himself allegedly heading to New York where his wife is supposed to give birth soon. Nigerians have since found out that the photo was an old photo from when he flew with his older brother Nwankwo Kanu on Qatar Airways.

This is not the first time a popular Nigerian has been caught faking it for the gram. Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye once tried to pass off Kenya Moore's dogs as hers. 

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